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[Full Movie] 厨霸江湖 The Battle Between Chefs | 武侠喜剧电影 Comedy Action film HD


Synopsis: The comedy wuxia action movie "The Battle Between Chefs 廚霸江湖" is about a legendary story in the ancient Chinese cuisine world. A group of chefs became famous in the kitchen circle because they integrated Kung Fu into their cooking skills to make delicious food, the world called it - Kung Fu Chefs. In the next hundred years, various martial arts sects fought continuously for the title of "The Chef God". In order to defend his homeland, Kung Fu boy Xiaojili made a bet with Weiji, the first disciple of "The Chef God" Liu Fanen, to compete in the National Cuisine Competition held in the capital. A battle between dark cuisine representing grassroots cuisine and haute cuisine delicacies from mountains and seas also kicked off. 故事简介: 古装武侠喜剧动作电影《厨霸江湖 The Battle Between Chefs》一个在古代的中华料理界的传说故事,有一派厨师因将武功融入厨艺当中做出绝味美食在厨坛名声大噪,世人称之为—武厨。而后百年间,各武厨门派为争夺“天下第一厨”之称而斗争不断。为了保卫家园,功夫少年小吉利与“天下第一厨”六扇恩的大弟子味极立下赌约,在京城召开的天下料理大赛上一决高下。一场关于代表草根美食的黑暗料理和山珍海味的高级料理之战也随之拉开序幕。 出品 Studio: 奇月星空影业 Moon & Star Picture, 小仓电影 Cang Studio. 制片人 Produced by: 杨永清 Yang Yongqing. 导演 Directed by: 毕基 Bi Ji. 编剧 Screenplay by: 方岚 Fang Lan, 汤筱晶 Tang Xiaojing, 米拿 Mi Na. 主演 Starring: 王宥钧 Wang Youjun, 刘名凯 Liu Mingkai, 靳锦 Jing Jin, 黄子星 Huang Zixing. 题材 Genres: #喜剧 #comedy #动作 #action #武侠 #wuxia 频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents 1, 圈影圈外官方电影频道 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: 🤍 2, 圈影圈外官方电视剧频道 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: 🤍 3, 模晰官方电影频道 Moxi Movie Channel Official : 🤍 4, 模晰青春情感影院 Moxi Youth & Love Theater 🤍 5, 模晰音乐频道 Moxi Music Channel: 🤍

Shaolin Warrior Fang Shiyu | Chinese Wuxia Martial Arts Action film, Full Movie HD


Synopsis: The Wuxia Martial Arts Action Movie "Shaolin Warrior Fang Shiyu" tells the story of Fang Shiyu and his father Fang De who escorted silk to Hangzhou to attend a market during the Qianlong period. The local bully Lei Laohu in Hangzhou rampaged through the town. At the market, he got his eyes on the Qiu family who came all the way from Cliff City to perform. In order to buy Qiu's daughter Qiu Ming, Leihu beat Qiu's father to death. Fang Shiyu, who saw the injustice happening in front of him, stepped in and killed him instead. Li Xiaohuan, Leihu's wife, heard the news and caught revenge. Fang Shiyu is outnumbered and falls off a cliff. In order to keep the Fang family out of trouble, he and Qiu Ming changed their names and stayed in the Cliff City clothing store temporarily. But their life in Cliff City was not peaceful. Not only were there bullies in the market everywhere, but they were also in cahoots with the bandits headed by Zhang Jinhong who had been entrenching the Cliff City for a long time. The people of Cliff City suffered greatly. Fang Shiyu and Qiu Ming formed an affection towards each other. Together with Qiu Ming, they beat the City Guard led by Duan Five to the ground. After that, Fang Shiyu was nominated by the people as the new leader of the City Guard to fight against Zhang Jinhong... Studio: Ding Zun Media. Producer: Guo Wei, Yin Shuai. Director: Liu Yase. Screenwriter: Dou Dafu, Liu Yase. Starring: Bainai Risu, Su Yue, Norman Chui, Sun Jiaolong, Chen Zhihui. Genres: #action #martialarts #wuxia #actionmovies #martialartsmovies #actionfilm Link of Our Channels: Moxi Romance Movies English: 🤍 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: 🤍 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: 🤍 Moxi Movie Channel Official: 🤍 Moxi Movie Channel 2: 🤍 Moxi Music Channel: 🤍

[ENG SUB]Full Movie "Chronicles of the Martial World"《江湖风云录》HD | 功夫片 | 原版无删减 |#网络电影🎬


只分享有趣的电影! 惊悚、玄幻、悬疑、魔幻,各种类型任你挑选! 喜欢我们的频道欢迎订阅哦 🤍 #网络电影 #动作电影 #魔幻电影

Jackie Chan Best Martial Art Action Movie ll Kung Fu Movie In English ll Snake In The Eagle Shadow


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功夫電影!靈鷲宮宮主的巔峰之路! 💥 中国电视剧 | KungFu


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Kungfu Stuntman Latest Action Movie || New Hollywood Full Length In English Movie


Kungfu Stuntman Latest Action Movie || New Hollywood Full Length In English Movie #englishmovie #hollywoodmovies #actionmovies #kungfustuntman

功夫電影!廢材少年遇上功夫大師,一路走上人生巔峰! 💥 中国电视剧 | KungFu


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#林秋楠 超浓缩打戏特辑 精彩刺激引爆神经!《#龙拳小子》/ Kung Fu Boys【CLIP】Chinese Movie Chi-Eng Sub


★ 欢迎订阅龙拳小子-Kungfu Boys频道: 🤍 Free download at App Store to watch various types of Chinese films: 🤍 【内容简介】 影片讲述了从小在美国长大的林秋楠(林秋楠 饰)带着“超级英雄梦”回到中国,和舅舅袁来(刘芮麟 饰)共同生活并一直相信自己可以照顾好“脆弱舅舅”。但他独特的思维方式和一身的功夫反而给自己的校园生活和舅舅的恋情添乱。他又在不知觉中卷入一桩国际罪案,一场惊心动魄的对决难以避免 …… #龙拳小子 #林秋楠 #功夫 #跆拳道 #龙拳小子林秋楠 #刘芮麟 #电影拆条 ★★★欢迎订阅其他官方频道★★★ ★最火爆的电影资讯-订阅中国电影频道: 🤍 ★最火爆的华语电影-订阅电影大剧院1905 Movie Theater频道: 🤍 ★最快捷的华语影视资讯-订阅东PIN西凑凑China Live频道:🤍 ★最精彩的系列电影-电视电影Movie Series频道: 🤍 ★最紧张的悬疑电影-诡云影院-Chinese Suspense Theater频道: 🤍 ★最劲爆的动作电影-功夫影院-Kung Fu Theater频道: 🤍 ★最底蕴的古装电影-华裳影院-Chinese Swordsman Theater频道: 🤍 ★最激烈的战争电影-烽火影院-Chinese War Theater频道: 🤍 ★★★多语种电影 ★最地道的越南语版华语电影—Điện Ảnh Trung Quốc:🤍 ★最地道的印尼华语字幕电影—FILM CINA:🤍 ★最地道的英文字幕电影—China Movie Channel ENGLISH:🤍 ★最地道的阿拉伯字幕电影—القناة الرسمية لأفلام الصين:🤍 ★最地道的泰语字幕电影—ช่องภาพยนตร์จีน:🤍 ★最地道的俄语字幕电影—Китайский киноканал:https:bit.ly/3qL5i5A ★最地道的法语字幕电影—La Chaîne du Cinéma Chinois:🤍 ★最地道的西班牙语字幕电影—Canal de películas chinas:🤍 更多精彩内容等你来 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "印尼clip03|Full Movie" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws | Full Kung Fu Movie | Wang Cheng Li, Charles Han


A large consignment of gold bullion has been stashed by rouge known as Tiger Claws, associated with a vile gang the Flash Foxes and they intend to snatch the gold for themselves. The stage is set for a vicious and bloody fight for the gold! 1982 Action/Fantasy/Martial Arts South Korean Film. Summary: A woman has half of a map that will lead her to a treasure trove of gold ingots that she and and her brother want to deliver to the Korean Independence Army. However, several other factions are searching for the gold and all are experts at deadly forms of martial arts. Director: Godfrey Ho Cast: Ian Han, Jeong-lee Hwang, Jung-il Nam, Ae-kyeong Park Original title: Yonghoui sachondeul Brazil: O Super Kickboxer Europe: Hard Bastard 2 South Korea: Yong-ho's Cousins South Korea: Yongho-ui sachondeull, Yonghoui sachondeul ► Subscribe to get all the latest content 🤍 #kungfu #martialarts #action #FullMovies #FreeFullMovies #TheStreamMovies #FullKungFuMovies #FullActionMovies #Kungfustories #actionmovie

[Full Movie] 潮汕风云 Legend of Mazu | 功夫动作电影 Kung Fu Action film HD


Synopsis: The Kung Fu action movie "The Legend of Mazu 潮汕風雲" tells the story of Guo Xiaomei (acted by Wang Yu), who inherited the jade statue of Mazu in Ferry Village, who is chivalrous, courageous and strong in martial arts during the period of the Republic of China. The Fishing Tyrant Huang Tianzong (acted by Zhu Tiehe) set fire to the boats in Ferry Village as a ploy to get his hands on the jade statue of Mazu, and his actions threatened the fishermen's livelihood. In order to save his mother and break his family out of its impending doom, Lin Taozai (acted by Chen Tingwei) of a famous family asks to marry Guo Xiaomei for his son Lin Mingyi (acted by Wen Xi). To save the people in her village, Guo Xiaomei had no choice but to agree. On the night of the wedding, the playboy Lin Mingyi, who did not want to get married, cooperated with the bandits and got himself fake-kidnapped. Little did he know, Huang Tianzong used this as an opportunity to make the kidnapping a real one. In order to rescue her newlywed husband, Guo Xiaomei broke into the bandit's nest alone. She employed her courage and strategy to subdue the bandits, defeated Huang Tianzong, and rescued her husband. 故事简介: 功夫动作电影《潮汕风云 The Legend of Mazu》讲述 民国时期,渡头村妈祖玉像传人郭小妹(王宇饰)侠肝义胆、武艺高强,渔霸黄天纵(朱铁和饰)为得到妈祖玉像,放火烧了渡头村的渔船,将渔民们逼上绝路;名门望族的林陶再(陈庭威饰)为了救母、冲喜,为儿子林铭义(文熙饰)求娶郭小妹,郭小妹为了解救渔民,不得已嫁入林家。迎亲当晚,不想成亲的纨绔公子林铭义跟土匪里应外合,绑走自己,不想却被黄天纵将计就计,买通土匪来了个假戏真做。为解救新婚丈夫,郭小妹独闯匪巢,有勇有谋巧妙设计最终制服土匪、击败了黄天纵,解救出自己的丈夫。 Studio 出品发行: 亚视影业 Shenzhen Asian Film Directed by 导演: 蒋亚 Jiang Ya Starring 主演: 王宇 Wang Yu, 陈庭威 Chen TingWei, 朱铁和 Zhu Tiehe Genres 题材: #动作 #actionmovies #功夫 #kungfu 频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents 1, 圈影圈外官方电影频道 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: 🤍 2, 圈影圈外官方电视剧频道 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: 🤍 3, 模晰官方电影频道 Moxi Movie Channel Official : 🤍 4, 模晰青春情感影院 Moxi Youth & Love Theater 🤍 5, 模晰音乐频道 Moxi Music Channel: 🤍

【Pembantaian Desa】Hanya satu orang yang selamat di seluruh desa dalam satu malam! | film cina


Desa Zhongyi, tempat Huang Chengke tinggal, dibantai dalam semalam. Tuan Kanmen, yang berada langsung di bawah istana kekaisaran, memerintahkan Youying untuk menyelidiki kasus ini. Ketika dia menyelidikinya, dia mengetahui bahwa penduduk desa tetangga telah menyelamatkan seorang penduduk Desa Zhongyi yang terluka parah bernama Huang Chengke pada malam pembunuhan itu, jadi dia membawa seseorang untuk membawa Huang Chengke yang tidak sadarkan diri kembali ke Kanmen, dan meminta Shoumian Sage untuk membawa Huang kembali dari kematian ... Bergabung dengan channel ini untuk mendapatkan akses ke berbagai keuntungan: 🤍 ★★★ Yuk berlangganan juga saluran resmi lainnya di bawah ini★★★ ★ China Film Channel: 🤍 ★ Bioskop 1905 Movie Theater Film China terpanas: 🤍 ★ China Live (Panduan hidup yang paling mengenal Anda): 🤍 ★ Serial paling menarik dari film-film, TV Movie, dan Series: 🤍 ★ Film China paling autentik dalam bahasa Vietnam — Điện Ảnh Trung Quốc: 🤍 ★ Film China Indonesia paling autentik — Film Cina: 🤍

【大联播】《#少林功夫二部曲》少林功夫薪火相传 身怀绝学武术惩恶扬善【动作 | 谢苗 李庆誉 林秋楠 | iQIYI大电影-欢迎订阅】


欢迎订阅“爱奇艺大电影 iQIYI MOVIE THEATER”频道:🤍 Subscribe to us and enjoy the hottest Chinese variety movie 【内容简介】 《#少林小子》/ The Shaolin Boy Shi Xiaoyu, an exchange student from Shaolin Temple, lives in the house of Dr. Zhang Xiang who was abducted by a gang because of the special device he had invented. To rescue Dr. Zhang Xiang, Xiaoyu and his friends worked together, fighting bungling criminals. 少林小子释小鱼(李庆誉饰)作为少林交换生来到了城市中小兰(贾笑涵饰)的家里,和小兰小北(黄洪铮饰)开启新的生活,并被校园中的跆拳道高手林秋楠(林秋楠饰)吸引住目光,想要用少林功夫与他一决高下。与此同时小兰的父亲张翔博士却被坏人控制,要求其交出最新科研成果“图灵九号”,殊不知“图灵九号”已被张翔寄给了女儿小兰,气急败坏的劫匪开始对张翔博士动手,并派出人手去小兰家盗取“图灵九号”。在小兰生日当晚劫匪派出手下将阿兰绑架,逼问张翔交出数据。危急时刻,小鱼与林秋楠联手施展绝学,用真功夫营救小兰与教授…… #电影少林小子 #动作电影 #功夫电影 #爱奇艺大电影iQIYIMOVIETHEATER #龙拳小子 #林秋楠 #TheShaolinBoy 《#少林降魔》/ Vanquishing the Demons Incarnated as an Arhat, an eminent monk from the Shaolin Temple fights a bloody battle with demons, trying to save the common people! Shaolin Huihai was originally timid and overcautious, but a fantastic journey with his brother disciples brings change to him. Relying only on the strength of the men from the monastery, they ultimately destroy the Illusion Realm and restore peace and tranquility to the common people! 电影讲述了一个佛与魔较量的故事,为阻止上古妖魔罗刹降世,将世间颠覆成万劫不复的寒冰炼狱,少林寺弟子慧海踏上了寻找降龙罗汉英雄之旅,青梅竹马的上官灵素始终陪伴守护、不惧未知不畏困难,助力慧海禅武合一破除心魔,参透少林精神,还苍生太平与生机。 #爱奇艺大电影iqiyimovietheater #少林降魔 #VanquishingtheDemons #玄幻 #动作 #功夫 #古装 #Chinesefantasy #Action #MartialArts #Costume #shaolin #chinesekungfu #kungfumovies #wukong #Buddhism 更多精彩内容 【热门电影上线】🤍 【热门动作电影】🤍 【历史战争电影】🤍 【古装玄幻电影】🤍 【经典香港电影】🤍 【恐怖惊悚电影】🤍 【搞笑喜剧电影】🤍 【院线/网络电影预告】🤍 -热门电影推荐- ▶欢迎订阅我们: iQiyi 综艺精选: 🤍 iQiyi TW: 🤍 iQiyi Arabic: 🤍 iQiyi Indonesia: 🤍 iQiyi Korea: 🤍 iQiyi Malaysia: 🤍 iQiyi Spanish: 🤍 iQiyi Thailand: 🤍 iQiyi Vietnam: 🤍 iQiyi Philippines: 🤍 iQiyi K-Drama: 🤍 iQiyi Romance: 🤍 iQiyi Anime:🤍 【爱奇艺】免费提供独家剧集、大片、热播综艺、动漫等内容多字幕的流媒体平台。 订阅我们get更多精彩内容!登录iQiyi国际版或下载iQiyi国际版APP,还有更多独家资源等着你:🤍iq.com! iQiyi国际版APP:🤍 iQiyi国际版:🤍

Action Movie Martial Arts - Warrior Sword Action Movie Full Length English Subtitles


Action Movie Martial Arts - Warrior Sword Action Movie Full Length English Subtitles

【武俠動作】所有人瞧不起的廢柴乞兒,受大師指點踏上天下霸主之路 ✨ 功夫 | Kung Fu


▶️NSLWX 剧名(Drama Name):南少林 ▶️电视剧播放清单Playlist: ▶️更多热剧欢迎订阅 | Subscribe now to watch more dramas:🤍 #浪子走天下#武侠#功夫#中国电视剧#New Chinese Action Film 2023#Chinese Dramas#kung fu movie#kung fu fighting#khasi song#美女#少林#金庸#少林寺#KUNG FU MOVIE 2023



lrcj ep 5 #槍戰#抗日#抗戰#戰術#功夫大師#中國功夫 #Gunfight, #Anti-Japanese War, #Anti-Japanese War,#Tactics, #Kung Fu Master#Chinese Kongfu | 戰爭 | 特種兵 | 特種部隊 | 軍旅 | 狙击手 | 抗战 | 抗日战争 | 中国 | martial arts | 八路军 | martial arts fight | martial arts movie | Kung Fu | 日军 | fight | 动作 | 历史 | troops | Chinese television dramas | Chinese drama | 中国电视剧 | action | action movies | kung fu movie | eight route army | eight route army movie | 抗日神剧 | Second Sino-Japanese War | 战争剧 | 战争片 | 抗日电视剧 | 抗日剧 | 抗日剧2020 | 抗日战争剧2020丨电视剧丨drama丨tv series

Snake Fist of a Buddhist Dragon | Godfrey Ho | Peter Au | Stone Chang | Kam Pong Chow


In 17th-century China, a young Shaolin disciple trains in the deadly Snake Fist technique to defend his people against the ruthless Manchu invaders, who are preparing to destroy the Shaolin Temple. 1979 Taiwan Kung Fu Action Drama Film Get ready for an epic journey back to 17th-century China, a time of ruthless rulers and ancient martial arts. The Ming Dynasty is under the control of the tyrannical Manchus, but the Shaolin Temple is determined to fight back. The Dynasty patriots are trained by the Shaolin Temple in various forms of kung fu, but none is deadlier than the Snake style. One young disciple undergoes the intense training required to master this lethal technique. As the Manchus prepare to destroy the Shaolin Temple, the sacred monks are ready to strike back with one of nature's most deadly weapons. The Snake Fist in the hands of a Dragon is the ultimate combination for master-level action. This young disciple is determined to bring honor back to the Shaolin and defend his people against the Manchus. Get ready for an explosive adventure filled with heart-pumping action, breathtaking stunts, and jaw-dropping fight scenes. Don't miss the ultimate showdown between the Shaolin and the Manchu invaders, as they battle for the future of China. The film was produced by IFD Films and Arts Company, a Hong Kong-based company that specialized in low-budget action and fantasy films. The film was written by Godfrey Ho, who was notorious for his cut-and-paste technique of combining footage from different sources. The film was released in 1979 and is based on the stories of Shaolin monks and their resistance against the Manchu invaders. Director: Henry Cheung, Godfrey Ho Stars: Peter Au, Stone Chang, Kam Pong Chow Alternate Titles Shao Lin quan Wu Dang jian Spain: Dentro de 3 días: Lucha de serpiente de un dragón budista ► Subscribe to get all the latest content 🤍 #FullMovies #FreeFullMovies #TheStream #kungfu #kungfumovies #action #actionmovie #drama #dramamovie #godfreyho

New Dragon Gate Inn 2021 | Chinese Martial Arts Action film, Full Movie HD


Synopsis: The Wuxia Martial Arts Action Movie "New Dragon Gate Inn 2021" tells that the peerless swordsman master Wolong, tired of gratitude and hatred, established Longmen Town in the depths of the desert, specially accommodating people who want to live in seclusion, making Longmen Town a "paradise" for people who practiced kung fu. Longmen Town stands alone in the desert. No one knows its specific location. There is only one Longmen Town Inn welcoming guests from the outside, which is the only entrance to Longmen Town. Wei Pingan, a small figure in this world, wants to live a glorious life of "fish leaping over the dragon's gate". He meets his confidant Luo Xiaoman in Longmen Town. Under the influence of love, Wei Pingan has the courage to take responsibility after making a big mistake. For the sake of justice and the common people, he does not hesitate to "destroy his relatives" who are his biological father and brother, and finally becomes a real hero. Studio: Shuqin Culture, Hanying Culture Producers: Bai Shuman, Lei Chenyu, Li Wenjie Director: Yin Qingze Screenwriters: Li Hui, Meng Lu Starring: Cheng Qimeng, Qian Siyi, Zhang Weiwei, Pan Yanfei, Lv Sihan Genres: #wuxia #MartialArts #Action Link of Our Channels: Moxi Romance Movies English: 🤍 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: 🤍 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: 🤍 Moxi Movie Channel Official: 🤍 Moxi Movie Channel 2: 🤍 Moxi Music Channel: 🤍

Singa mengaum | Kung Fu Hustle | Stephen Chow, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Wah | ClipFlix


Stephen Chow (sutradara dan bintang Shaolin Soccer) kembali dengan petualangan terbaru yang penuh aksi dan komedi bela diri, KUNG FU HUSTLE. Dari pertarungan kungfu yang sangat imajinatif hingga gerak tari orang-orang berjas, Anda belum pernah melihat aksi dan karakter-karakter segila ini! Dengan gerak perkelahian yang diarahkan oleh Yuen Wo Ping (penata gerak yang terkenal dengan Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix), KUNG FU HUSTLE akan membuat Anda tercengang! Di sebuah kota yang dikuasai oleh Geng Kapak, Sing (Stephen Chow) berusaha keras menjadi anggotanya. Dia sampai ke sebuah tempat kumuh yang dimiliki oleh pasangan eksentrik yang ternyata adalah ahli kung fu. Berbagai ulah Sing menyebabkan meletusnya pertarungan kung fu antara Geng Kapak dan pasangan pemilik tempat kumuh itu. Hanya satu pihak yang akan menang dan hanya seorang pahlawan yang akan muncul sebagai ahli kung fu terhebat. Lihat filmnya: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 #ClipFlix #KungFuHustle #StephenChow #KungFu #Aksi #BelaDiri

Setelah Diusir Dari Kuil Shaolin Pendekar Ini Malah Menjadi Petarung Tak Terkalahkan - Alur Film


Alur Film Action Beladiri - KUNG FU TOWN alurceritafilmaction #alurceritaterbaru #alurceritafilm2023 #moviepedia. Film acrion 2022 terbaru subtitle indonesia Film kungfu Moviepedia film action 2023 terbaru subtitle indonesia film kungfu terbaru 2023 sub indonesia kungfu 2023 full movie sub indo film kungfu subtitle indonesia alur cerita film india film barat terbaru 2023 full movie film terbaru 2023 full movie sub indo alur cerita film kungfu film action sub indo film india terbaru 2023 sub indonesia film perang sub indo film laga terbaru 2023 alur cerita film terbaru 2023 kungfu full movie sub indo film eksen terbaru 2023 full movie sub indo terbaru 2023 alur cerita film action,kungfu alur cerita film kungfu terbaru film kungfu sub indo film action subtitle indonesia film action terbaru 2023 film india sub indo film aksi terbaru alur cerita film perang film india bahasa indonesia film silat terbaru 2023 film barat terbaru sub indo film india 2023 sub indo film gangster terbaru film gangster subtitle indonesia film pertarungan 2023 film tarung 2023 donny yen terbaru _ film action kungfu,film aksi sub indo,film laga,film laga terbaru sub indo 2023,film laga 2023,film kartun terbaru subtitle indonesia,film kartun 2023,film anime terbaru 2023,film anime subtitle indonesia,alur film korea,drama korea 2023,box office terbaru,box office subtitle indonesia,film action 2023film kolosal terbaru,film jetli,film perang terbaru,lk21 action terbaru 2023,big movies terbaru 2023,film box office terbaru 2023,film fighter terbaru subtitle indonesia,full movie action

Menundukkan Dragon Palms | Terbaru Film Kungfu Aksi | Subtitle Indonesia Full Movie HD


Terbaru Film Kungfu Aksi | Menundukkan Dragon Palms | Sub Indo Full Movie HD Perusahaan Produksi: Teelian Films. Produser: Gao Rui. Sutradara: Chen Sun. Penulis Naskah: Chen Sun, Pan Jian. Pemeran: Lin Fengye, Yu Xinyan, Yue Pengfei, Lu Chaojuan. Genre: #aksi #kungfu Pengenalan Saluran & Konten 1, Saluran Film Q1Q2 Resmi: 🤍 2, Saluran Drama Cina Q1Q2: 🤍 3, Saluran Film Moxi 1: 🤍 4, Saluran Film Moxi 2: 🤍 5, Saluran Musik Moxi: 🤍

功夫電影!廢材少年逆改天命,武功練成天下第一! 💥 中国电视剧 | KungFu


Subscribe for more Chinese television dramas 订阅频道: 🤍 DPCG #热血江湖路#中国电视剧#功夫#武侠#Kung Fu#武功高手#金庸#中國功夫#功夫大師#擂台#Kung Fu#shaolin kong fu#武侠片#玄幻#激战#Gunfight #Tactics #Kung Fu Master#Chinese-Kungfu#空手道

【Full Movie】KUNG FU TOWN: Shaolin Kung Fu movies. Shaolin monks fighting special forces


The film mainly tells the story of Dalong, a Shaolin monk, who is obsessed with martial arts and strives for strength. Let Dalong return to vulgarity and go down the mountain to practice in the world of mortals. After returning to vulgarity, Dalong came to live in Kungfu Town. this channel presents best movie clips from contemporary Chinese films and TV programs. All films and videos on this channel have been properly licensed by the copyright holders. #movie #movieclips #actionmovie

Wu Tang Collection - Instant Kung Fu Man


Director: Richard Tung Chin Hu, Liu Le Le. Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, John Liu, Yip Fei yang, yuen yat Chor, Alan Hsu. Two identical twins, the younger one, a Disciple of Shaolin who's crafty tricks make up for his poor kung fu, and the elder, a vicious bandit with tremendous kung fu skills, cause havoc when they mix their identities to fool the Shaolin monks and a ruthless robber, who are both keen to catch the twins for different reasons. Great kicking from North Leg John Liu and Hwang Jang Lee. Exclusive videos on our FREE App check it out: 🤍thewutangcollection.com

Final Battle in the movie! Kung Fu master kills Japanese samurai with his fingers.


zjrw 📣📣📣Good dramas will be broadcast, and good dramas will not stop! ! ! Here are the most classic, best-looking, and of course very exciting spy war dramas and war dramas. The epic war scenes are not to be missed~ There are all you want to watch here, remember to pay attention! Subscription link: 🤍

Wu Tang Collection - Invincible Armour


Director: Ng See Yuen. Cast: John Liu, Hwang Jang Lee, Tino Wong, Phillip Ko. John Liu and Hwang Jang Lee star together in this awesome kung fu film. The storyline involves a man who is framed for murder and must fight to clear his name while authorities pursue him. Great fighting styles and high kick action! Exclusive videos on our FREE App check it out: 🤍thewutangcollection.com

【INDO SUB】The Kungfu Town | Film Kungfu/ Action China | VSO Indonesia


#filmchina #TheKungfuTown #VSOIndonesia #filmaction #filmkungfu #chinesefilm #chinesemovie Selamat datang di channel VSO Indonesia 👉 🤍 Sinopsis Film ini menceritakan tentang kisah Dalong, seorang biarawan Shaolin yang terobsesi dengan seni bela diri. Ketika memperebutkan posisi murid di Akademi Bodhidharma, gurunya berpikir bahwa meskipun seni bela dirinya bagus, pengetahuan seni bela dirinya masih dangkal, jadi dia memberikan posisi itu kepada adik juniornya Dalong dan membiarkan Dalong kembali berlatih di bawah gunung. Setelah Dalong kembali ke dunia sekuler, dia datang ke Desa Kungfu dimana ada banyak master kungfu yang bersembunyi. Tonton film menarik lainnya dari channel VSO Indonesia: Humen Escort Group: 🤍 Show Girl: 🤍 The Magic Eyes: 🤍 Super Power Boy: 🤍 The Bravest Escort Group: 🤍

Film Boboho | Shaolin Popeye 2 Messy Temple (1994) Subtitle Indonesia | Hari Hari Gacor


Film Boboho | Shaolin Popeye 2 Messy Temple (1994) Subtitle Indonesia | Hari Hari Gacor pasti kalian tidak asing ama boboho kan film yang kalian sukai itu pas masa tahun 1990nya boboho booming pas di indonesia. dan kali ini saya akan memutar film boboho untuk kalian tags: film boboho, film komedi, film lucu, film jadul, boboho, sub indo, film boboho full movie, stephen chow, film kungfu, film boboho sub indonesia full movie, film mandarin, film boboho bahasa indo, film boboho lucu, boboho lucu, film boboho china dragon bahasa indonesia, film boboho vampir lucu bahasa indonesia, film boboho subtitle indonesia, film boboho china, boboho bahasa indonesia, film boboho dubbing indonesia, shaolin popeye, paman boboho, film china boboho, film boboho lucu bahasa indonesia, jadul, film boboho bahasa indonesia, ng man tat, film hongkong, film kungfu lawas, Shaolin Popeye 2 Messy Temple 1994

【ENG】Kung Fu Boys | Action | Comedy | Lin Qiunan | China Movie Channel ENGLISH


【Chinese Name】龙拳小子 【Starring】Liu Ruilin / Lin Qiunan / Tong Fei 【Synopsis】The film tells the story of Lin Qiunan (played by Lin Qiunan) who grew up in the United States and returned to China with his "superhero dream", lived with his uncle Yuan Lai (played by Liu Ruilin) and always believed that he could take care of his "fragile uncle". But his unique way of thinking and kung fu have only added chaos to his campus life and his uncle's relationship. He is unknowingly involved in an international crime, and a thrilling duel is inevitable. #龙拳小子 #林秋楠 #KungFuBoys #ChinaMovieChannelENGLISH #ChineseMovie 📢Watch more Chinese movies with English subtitles on China Movie Channel ENGLISH. 👉SUBSCRIBE China Movie Channel ENGLISH: 🤍 👉Follow China Movie Facebook on: 🤍 🔥Trending🔥 《The Fox》: 🤍 《Anti Terrorism Special Forces 2》: 🤍 《Ms.Bodyguards:The IT Manic》: 🤍 《Four Little Shaolin Kongfu Stars》: 🤍 《The King of Fighters》: 🤍 《Princess's Romance》: 🤍 《Ameera》: 🤍 《An Flying Arrow》: 🤍 《A Blind Hero》: 🤍 《Man Hunter》: 🤍 《Avengement》: 🤍 《Desperate Rescue》: 🤍 🔒Subscribe here🔒 ★The Official Chinese movies - CCTV6 China Movie Official Channel: 🤍 ★The hottest Chinese movies - 1905 Movie Theater: 🤍 ★The guide to life that knows you best - 东PIN西凑凑China Live: 🤍 ★The most exciting series of movies - 电视电影Movie Series: 🤍 ★The most authentic Chinese movie in Vietnamese - Điện Ảnh Trung Quốc: 🤍 ★The most authentic Chinese movie in Indonesian - FILM CINA:🤍

[Full Movie] 少林寺十八罗汉 Shaolin Temple | 武侠动作电影 Martial Arts Action film HD


Synopsis: The martial arts action movie "Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple 少林寺十八羅漢" tells a story in the 33rd year of Jiajing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1554), at the behest of the Emperor 18 Shaolin kung fu monks (using the long stick as the weapon) headed by Monk Wujue take off to the south to help defend the empire’s shores against the Japanese Pirates invasion. Shortly upon their arrival on the Jiangsu-Zhejiang frontline the monks encountered a team of Japanese Pirates and rescue the civilians held hostage from the enemy. The twin brother of the commander of the pirates Seton is killed in the battle. The monks leading the refugees flee to Feiyu Fortress seeking protection, where the garrison, dreading the ferocious Japanese Pirates, have taken flight. The monks decide to stay and stoke up at the fortress. Learning his twin brother was killed by the monks, Seton slaughters local monasteries and vows to kill off all the monks. He sends the bulk of his army to Feiyu Fortress where mostly are women and the elderly. The monks’ mission was to teach Shaolin Kungfu to the soldiers on the front line, yet they remain with the civilians at the fortress to protect them from a carnage. They successfully hold off the invaders in their first round of attack, but the defense plan failed subsequently following the rash moves by Wuzheng, one of the younger monks. Several other monks are since butchered. After learning that the fortress has been guarded by a body of monks, Seton immediately dispatches his ninja troops to carry out a raid in the build-up to the final battle. Colonel Cao from the Ming army had been passing himself as one of the refugees and trying to talk the monks into retreating. Now he is gripped by shame and pitches in with the defense and successfully repels the ninjas. Livid at the successive failures to capture the fortress, Seton sends out all his troops to avenge the death of his brother and wipe out the monks. At this decisive moment, the monks form the tactical staff formation to deter the frenzied enemy offensive so that the civilians could escape unharmed. 故事简介: 古装武侠动作电影《少林寺十八罗汉 Shaolin Temple, Eighteen Arhats》讲述明朝嘉靖三十三年,以悟觉和尚为首的少林十八棍僧接到皇上的御诏,奉旨南下帮助沿海共同抗击日本海盗。江浙前线,长途奔波后还未来得及修整的棍僧们与日本海盗一番打斗,救下一众百姓,日本海盗首领小西藤的孪生弟弟被棍僧所杀。棍僧带领难民一路前往飞鱼隘口,寻求隘口守军的帮助,谁知飞鱼隘口的明军听闻日本海盗的凶残早已逃离。棍僧们只好先在此歇脚。得知孪生兄弟被和尚所杀,小西藤血洗当地寺庙,誓要杀光所有和尚。悟觉等人浑然不知小西藤已派出主力部队攻打飞鱼隘口,棍僧们原本的任务只是教授明朝部队少林武功,但此时隘口中仅存的都是老弱妇孺,如果离开可以自保,但隘口必将生灵涂炭。棍僧们当即决定留在隘口帮助村民抵抗日本海盗,生死存亡之际,十八棍僧共同抵挡了日本海盗的第一次进攻。原本的防守计划因师弟悟正的冲动所失败,还因此导致几位师兄弟被日本海盗残忍杀害。日本海盗首领小西藤得知防守隘口的守军竟是一帮少林和尚,随即派出了忍者部队进行偷袭,以便发动最后的决战。藏于难民之中的明军将领曹校尉一直奉劝和尚们赶紧撤离,可少林棍僧们的表现却让曹校尉自行惭愧,最终帮助棍僧们抵挡住可忍者部队的偷袭。两次进攻失败彻底激怒了小西藤,派出全部兵力誓要攻下飞鱼隘口,杀掉和尚们为弟弟报仇。最后关头,棍僧们为了掩护百姓们撤离,摆出了棍阵,以肉身阻止了日本海盗的疯狂进攻,成功让百姓脱离危难。 出品 Studio: 奇树有鱼 Qishu Youyu Media, 传影文化 Chuanying Media, 精鹰传媒 JY Media. 制片人 Produced by: 罗婧婧 Luo Jingjing, 思文 Si Wen, 有为 You Wei, 项炜斌 Xiang Weibin, 姚劲虎 Yao Jinhu. 导演 Directed by: 张著麟 Zhang Zhulin, 李希杰 Li Xijie. 编剧 Screenplay by: 画龙 Hua Long. 主演 Starring: 谢苗 Xie Miao (Miu Tse), 谷尚蔚 Gu Shangwei, 龙杨杨 Long Yangyang, 胡世群 Hu Shiqun, 杨甜甜 Yang Tiantian, 徐绍航 Xu Shaohang, 杜冠儒 Du Guanru. 题材 Genres: 古装 武侠 #MartialArts 动作 #Action 频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents 1, 圈影圈外官方电影频道 Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official: 🤍 2, 圈影圈外官方电视剧频道 Q1Q2 Chinese Drama Channel: 🤍 3, Moxi Shorts Channel 模晰短剧频道: 🤍 4, 模晰音乐频道 Moxi Music Channel: 🤍 5, 模晰官方电影频道 Moxi Movie Channel Official 🤍

[ENG SUB]Full Movie "Righteous Hero Li San"《义侠李三》HD | 功夫片 | 原版无删减 |#网络电影🎬


只分享有趣的电影! 惊悚、玄幻、悬疑、魔幻,各种类型任你挑选! 喜欢我们的频道欢迎订阅哦 🤍 #网络电影 #动作电影 #魔幻电影

Full Movie-English|Kung fu《Snaky Knight Fight Against Mantis》Snake in the Eagle's Shadow/Jackie Chan


【Welcome to follow:🤍 】 Ah Fu, famous for his Snake Fist Kung-Fu, finds himself on the run from an evil kung-fu master.…… Director:Hsin-Yi Chang Writer:Hsin-Yi Chang Stars:Don Wong/Ling-Ling Hsia/Carter Wong 《#蛇形刁手斗螳螂》 导演: 张信义 主演: 夏玲玲 / 王道 / 黄家达 / 陈星 / 李昆 类型: 喜剧 / 动作 / 武侠 / 古装 制片国家/地区: 中国香港 语言: 粤语 片长: 88 又名: 刁手女伞侠 / Snaky Knight Fight Against Mantis / Snake in the Eagle's Shadow 2 ♥♥ 欢迎订阅捷成华视官方频道 ♥♥ 【 捷成华视—偶像剧场:🤍 】 【 捷成华视—战争悬疑:🤍 】 【 捷成华视—华语影院:🤍 】 【 捷成华视—动漫少儿:🤍 】

村姑武功高強,打敗三大高手,連最強悍的獄霸也不是她的對手 🔥 功夫 | Kung Fu


欢迎订阅我们的频道: 🤍 SZSZ WX #仗劍走天下#中国电视剧#功夫#武侠#玄幻#Kung Fu#Shaolin Kung Fu#Kung Fu Movie#Kung Fu Fighting#Kung Fu Full Movie

Therapist Reacts to KUNG FU PANDA


Use code CINEMATHERAPY130 to get $130 off Factor at 🤍 ! Does belief in yourself actually make a difference? Is it the secret ingredient? Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright talk about some of the lessons we can learn from Po's journey and Master Oogway's and Master Shifu's advice in Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda. They talk about how we can find inner peace, the importance of authenticity and embracing who you are, and the amazing physical comedy in this movie. Inner peace and mindfulness can help us with self-acceptance, as well as handling being stressed or anxious, and can definitely help us win chopstick dumpling kung fu fights. Support us! Patreon: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Internet Dads Popcorn: 🤍 Cinema Therapy is: Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker, and Alan Seawright Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright, and Alan Seawright Edited by: Trevor Horton Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen English Transcription by: Anna Preis Connect with us! Website: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

《#龙拳小子》/ Kung Fu Boys 热血功夫小子卷入离奇国际走私犯罪案(刘芮麟 /林秋楠)| Chinese Movie ENG👊 فيلم فتيان الكونج فو


★ 欢迎订阅电影大剧院1905 Movie Theater频道: 🤍 Free download at App Store to watch various types of Chinese films: 🤍 0:00​ 故事开端 24:10​ 林秋楠一对多对打 实力吊打一众跆拳道拳手 37:40​ 林秋楠 1VS1 单挑跆拳道老师 58:23​ 林秋楠与舅舅吵架 在大雨中哭泣呐喊 1:06:46 林秋楠虎穴中逃生 1:17:00​ 龙拳小子合体 惊心动魄对决黑社会大佬 1:24:10​ 刘芮麟献唱主题曲《一生为你》诉说暗恋心事 1:26:28​ 龙出生天拳行天下 主题曲《龙拳小子》 【内容简介】 影片讲述了从小在美国长大的林秋楠(林秋楠 饰)带着“超级英雄梦”回到中国,和舅舅袁来(刘芮麟 饰)共同生活并一直相信自己可以照顾好“脆弱舅舅”。但他独特的思维方式和一身的功夫反而给自己的校园生活和舅舅的恋情添乱。他又在不知觉中卷入一桩国际罪案,一场惊心动魄的对决难以避免 …… #电影龙拳小子 #电影大剧院 #中国电影频道 ★★★欢迎订阅电影频道其他官方频道★★★ ★最火爆的电影资讯-订阅中国电影频道: 🤍 ★最懂你的生活指南-订阅东PIN西凑凑China Live频道:🤍 ★最精彩的系列电影-电视电影Movie Series频道: 🤍 ★最地道的越南语版华语电影—Điện Ảnh Trung Quốc:🤍 ★最地道的印尼华语电影—FILM CINA:🤍 ★最地道的阿拉伯电影—القناة الرسمية لأفلام الصين :🤍 更多精彩内容等你来 【悬疑惊悚类电影】让你神经紧绷、阴凉到骨子里却欲罢不能:🤍 【动作电影】动作题材佳作热血燃爆肾上激素!:🤍 【爱情电影】跟着角色去感受爱恨纠葛:🤍 【剧情类电影】剧情环环相扣令人上瘾:🤍 【历史传记电影】有血有肉的历史人物塑造电影:🤍 【经典国产老电影】被遗忘的国产佳作:🤍 0:00​ 故事开端 24:10​ 林秋楠一对多对打 实力吊打一众跆拳道拳手 37:40​ 林秋楠 1VS1 单挑跆拳道老师 58:23​ 林秋楠与舅舅吵架 在大雨中哭泣呐喊 1:06:46 林秋楠虎穴中逃生 1:17:00​ 龙拳小子合体 惊心动魄对决黑社会大佬 1:24:10​ 刘芮麟献唱主题曲《一生为你》诉说暗恋心事 1:26:28​ 龙出生天拳行天下 主题曲《龙拳小子》

KUNG FU COM JET LI O MESTRE Filmes de Artes Marciais Completo e Dublado HD Pura Ação


Canal totalmente dedicado ao ensino de Artes Marciais e Defesa Pessoal Inscreva-se agora e acione as notificações para receber os vídeos todas semanas 🤍OMESTREENSINA Inscreva-se agora mesmo: 🤍 Artigos de Treinamentos para Artes Marciais Kung Fu, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Defesa Pessoal confira. 🤍 (Luva Foco treinamento de soco para potencializa-lo) 🤍 🤍 (Luva de bater saco) 🤍 🤍 (Saco de Pancada com acessórios) 🤍 (Aparador de Chutes Excelente para treinamento e desenvolvimentos de chutes) 🤍 (Bastão Retrátil arma de defesa pessoal) 🤍 (Nunchaku) Conheça o Maior Canal de Luta 🤍 Instagram: 🤍omestreensina - 🤍profa.camila.mafra - 🤍lutamilitar Segue as nossas redes sociais 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 FILME COMPLETO A LENDA DO MESTRE ENVNCIVEL COM JACKIE CHAN ASSISTA AGORA 🤍 Canal de Treinamentos e Exercícios voltado as Artes Marciais 🤍 BRIGET FONDA (vida de solteiro) protagonizam esse eletrizante suspense cheio de intrigas e cenas de ação. Li interpreta Lui Julian, um agente do governo chinês que vai à Paris com uma missão confidencial. Lá, se Vê envolvido numa enorme conspiração orquestrada por um poderoso oficial da polícia, TCHEKY KARYO (O patriota, Tempo de Inocência), justamente a quem deveria ajudar. Numa cidade que não conhece e sem ter para onde ir, ele encontra Jessica (FONDA), uma americana que luta contra os mesmos adversários. Vibre com o fantástico desempenho de Jet Li em incomparáveis cenas de luta para corajosamente enfrentar o inimigo.



TUKANG MASAK JADI MASTER KUNGFU | ALUR CERITA FILM KUNGFU CHINA Zhang Xiaofan, dan teman masa kecil Lin Jingyu, adalah satu-satunya yang selamat dari pembantaian desa. Keduanya diterima ke dalam sekte Qing Yun, di mana mereka mempelajari cara Pedang Abadi. Meskipun dia pekerja keras dan bertekad, Xiaofan berjuang untuk mengejar teman-temannya karena kecerdasannya yang lamban. Suatu hari, dia memperoleh "pedang Dementor" secara kebetulan saat dia berlatih di pegunungan. Playlist: The Legend Of Chusen 🤍 Saweria: barangkali mau traktir beli kopi sob hehhe 🤍 backsound: Music track: Reach by Balynt Source: 🤍 Vlog Music for Videos (Free Download) tag: film kungfu, film kungfu cina, film kungfu shaolin, film kungfu terbaru, film kungfu master, film kungfu sub indo, film kungfu terbaru 2023 sub indonesia full movie, film kungfu terbaik, film kungfu terbaru 2023 sub indonesia full movie donnie yen, film kungfu panda, the legend of chusen, the legend of chusen sub indo, the legend of chusen season 3, the legend of chusen sub indo episode 1, the legend of chusen season 2, the legend of chusen sub indo full episode, the legend of chusen season 2 full episode sub indo, the legend of chusen season 1 full episode sub indo, the legend of chusen full movie sub indo, the legend of chusen season 3 full episode sub indo, alur cerita film china, alur cerita film china romantis, alur cerita film china fantasy, alur cerita film china terbaru, alur cerita film china full episode, alur cerita film china kerajaan romantis, alur cerita film china romantis bikin baper, alur cerita film china full movie, alur cerita film china action, alur cerita film china terbaru 2022, alur film, cerita film, asikfilm, cerita film legendaris, cerita film naga, alur film naga, alur cerita film, rangkum film, rekap film, rangkum cerita film, rekap cerita film, Asik Film, cerita film terbaru, alur film the legend of chusen, film the legend of chusen, alur cerita film the legend of chusen #alurceritafilm #filmchina #thelegendofchusen #kawuloyusuf #alurfilmkungfu #alurcerita

Shaolin Soccer Most Epic Scenes


If football and kung fu had a baby it would be Shaolin Soccer ⚽🥋 BINGE MORE: 🤍 00:00 #6 01:51 #5 03:25 #4 05:18 #3 06:09 #2 07:52 #1 Credits: © 2001 Miramax Films. Shaolin Soccer. AVAILABLE FOR RENT OR BUY SHAOLIN SOCCER: 🤍 #BingeSociety #ShaolinSoccer #Football Subscribe: 🤍 BINGE MORE: The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift - Winner gets me: 🤍 Minions - The Ultimate weapon: 🤍 Anaconda - Live bait: 🤍 Ghost Rider -Jail fight: 🤍 The Grudge 3 - The wrong make-out spot: 🤍 Child’s Play 2 - I will kill you!: 🤍 Equalizer 2 - Two kinds of pain: 🤍 ABOUT BINGE SOCIETY: Binge Society brings you the best of your favorite movies and TV shows! Here you will find iconic scenes, moments, and lines from all the films, characters, celebrities, and actors you love. As movie fans, we give you content we know you will enjoy! FOLLOW BINGE SOCIETY Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

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