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Why You Should Visit SARAJEVO Bosnia - Things To Do In Sarajevo


Why You Should Visit SARAJEVO Bosnia - Things To Do In Sarajevo. I’m Rok and I’ve spent last 8 years travelling around Europe as a tour guide. I want to show you Things To do in Sarajevo. This is The City of 1984 Winter Olympic Games and the longest besieged capital in the history of modern warfare. Sarajevo attractions are result of melting pot of east and west. This Sarajevo travel guide will show you things to do and what to see in Sarajevo. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo started world war 1. Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is charming and amazing place where east meets west. Despite the Bosnian war in the 1990s you can still see churches of four different religions on the same street. Sarajevo still remains a melting pot of different religions, of past and modern and it is one of the most interesting cities on the Balkans you can visit. Please leave your thoughts, ideas and experience about Sarajevo in the comment section below. By clicking subscribe you will help us create more videos like this one. Thank you, Rok Goes Around My website dedicated to my travel videos 🤍 Here you can directly support me as a creator 🤍 P.S.: Rok is a traveler, a cinematic vlog creator and a tour guide. On this travel channel he is combining his 20 years of travelling experience, his 10 years of filmmaking experience and his 8 years of tourist guiding experience.

SARAJEVO IN 2022! Is it Worth it? | Europe's Hidden Gems!


Visit Sarajevo in 2022! Sarajevo is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina! Looking for what to do in Sarajevo in 2022? Sarajevo has such a unique and interesting history. Due to Sarajevo’s long history of religious and cultural diversity, it’s referred to as the "Jerusalem of Europe" or "Jerusalem of the Balkans". It is one of a few major European cities to have a mosque, Catholic church, Eastern Orthodox church, and synagogue in the same neighborhood. Sarajevo is where Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated. The spark that started World War 1. If you plan to visit Sarajevo in 2022 you will not be disappointed! Sarajevo’s rich culture, history, and architecture are not to be missed! Sarajevo has something to offer every type of traveler in 2022 and is seriously underrated! 🚨HELP US REACH 1000 SUBSCRIBERS🚨 Subscribe to our channel here: 🤍 📸 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Thank you for watching!

SARAJEVO City Tour! (25 things to do in Bosnia's capital + our vlog)


We're doing a DIY City Tour of Sarajevo and showing you some of the best things to do in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina! We're focusing on Sarajevo's old town (and the surrounding areas) and exploring some of the city's fantastic, but troubled history, trying out some of the local food, and hoping to share one of Europe's hidden gems with you! In today's video we: 1. Get coffee on the Miljacka river 2. Explore the streets of Baščaršija (Sarajevo's old town) 3. Shop for souvenirs in Old Town 4. Drink from the Sebilj fountain 5. Feed the pigeons in Pigeon Square 6. See the Tašlihan ruins 7. Shop in Gazi Husrev-beg's Bezistan 8. See where World War 1 is said to have started (Northern end of the Latin Bridge) 9. Visit Sarajevo's City Hall 10. See Sarajevska pivara (& the museum if you have time) 11. Ride the Sarajevo Cable Cars 12. Explore the 1984 Olympic Ruins! (Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track) 13. Hike the trails on Mount Trebević 14. Check out the Markale Food Market 15. Buy produce at the Pijaca Markale 16. Try cafes in old town 17. Pay respects at the Kovači Cemetery (Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery) 18. Get an amazing city view at the Yellow Bastion 19. Explore the Jajce Barracks ruins 20. Walk the Dariva Walkway in the Dinaric alps! 21. See the Goat's Bridge 22. Find the 200+ Sarajevo Rose memorials around town 23. Visit the BBI Center 24. Try some locally recommended food 25. Head to Marshall's for some gelato made with local flavors! We're Brandi & Alan. We've been traveling full-time for over 4 years! Subscribe to follow along on our adventures! :D ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ SEE MORE OF OUR VLOGS FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA ‣TRAVEL TO BOSNIA! 🤍 ‣SARAJEVO CITY TOUR 🤍 ‣TRYING BOSNIAN FOOD IN SARAJEVO 🤍 ‣SARAJEVO TO MOSTAR BY TRAIN 🤍 ‣MOSTAR 🤍 ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 0:44 Coffee on the Miljacka river 1:16 Old Town Sarajevo (Baščaršija) 3:10 Sebilj & Pigeon Square 4:48 Tašlihan & Gazi Husrev-beg's Bezistan 5:51 Where WW1 started (Latin Bridge) 6:47 Sarajevo City Hall 7:27 the Siege of Sarajevo & brewery 9:24 Cable Car, Olympic Ruins, & Mt. Trebević 14:09 Market Hall & Pijaca Market 15:54 More coffee & Kovači Cemetery 17:36 Yellow Bastion & Jajce Barracks 21:43 Walking in the Dinaric Alps 23:00 Sarajevo Roses and some modern city! 24:19 locally recommended dinner & dessert 27:43 Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more adventures! :D

SABATON - Sarajevo (Official Lyric Video)


The official lyric video for Sarajevo by Sabaton, from the album The War To End All Wars. ➞ SUBSCRIBE for more Sabaton: 🤍 ➞ MERCHANDISE Official Store: 🤍 Listen to the album The War To End All Wars: 🤍 Sabaton discography: 🤍 ► Spotify: This is Sabaton: 🤍 ► Apple Music: Sabaton Essentials: 🤍 #Sabaton #Metal #Sarajevo Follow SABATON • Facebook: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • TikTok: 🤍 • VK: 🤍 • Spotify: 🤍 • Apple Music: 🤍 • Amazon Music: 🤍 • Deezer: 🤍 • SoundCloud: 🤍 • YouTube: 🤍 • Website: 🤍 • Official Store: 🤍 • Facebook (Sabaton Store): 🤍 • Instagram (Sabaton Store): 🤍 ➞ MERCHANDISE Official Store: 🤍 Sabaton History: 🤍 = Sarajevo LYRICS For decades the Austro-Hungarian empire had been a powerful influence in the heart of Europe Resting on a legacy, their house kept stability, order and peace But not everyone bowed to this power In the summer of 1914 the archduke Franz Ferdinand of the empire is visiting Sarajevo, unaware of the assassins awaiting him, and what will come Two shots are fired and the archduke is dead The empire cannot let this go unpunished, and the first declaration of war is made. From a shot that would change the world Tensions rise and a war is unfurled Nothing like what had come before It’s the war that will end all war! Chaos and shockwaves spread from the Balkans across the globe Alliances are put to the test, threats exchanged and armies are put on high alert In the east the Russian Tsar is trying to calm the situation with his cousin the Kaiser of Germany But it is all in vain, the situation is out of control War is unavoidable The Battle of the Frontiers starts in August as soldiers cross borders and bullets are fired in rage War begins = Historic Fact The album "The War To End All Wars" opens with a song about the shots in Sarajevo and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which escalated the situation and is counted as a major cause for the outbreak of World War 1. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren. Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.

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Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Walk through Sarajevo | Baščaršija

Luciano Pavarotti, Brian Eno, Bono, The Edge - Miss Sarajevo (Live)


Luciano Pavarotti - The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack Order now: 🤍 In Decca's 90th anniversary year, the historic label releases the official soundtrack to the film, continuing Pavarotti's musical legacy and celebrating his extraordinary life. See the greatest like you've never seen him before, and listen to the performances that thrilled audiences all around the world. Luciano Pavarotti - The Greatest Hits Order now: 🤍 Decca are also releasing an incredible greatest hits album, comprising an impressive 71 tracks and over four hours of music, featuring great opera arias, favourite songs and sacred arias, and iconic duets with some of the biggest names in music, including five previously unreleased tracks. A definitive collection for the true Pavarotti superfan. 🤍 🤍 Join the Pavarotti Messenger Bot and we'll keep you updated on all the latest news and information through Facebook Messenger. Click the link or the icon above to get started: 🤍 Music video by Luciano Pavarotti, Brian Eno, Bono, The Edge performing Miss Sarajevo (Live). © 1996 Decca Music Group Limited 🤍



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A Black Cauldron - Sarajevo '92


j^p^n - amend. "Sarajevo will be a black cauldron... It will be a real bloodbath."



Con mi esposa Dace volvimos a recorrer este lado del mapa para compartirlo con ustedes. Esperamos que nos acompañen a encontrar sin buscar, que es nuestra manera de acercarnos a estas geografías. Estamos en Sarajevo, la capital de Bosnia i Herzegovina. Todos los que vienen a esta ciudad, pronto se dan cuenta de por qué Sarajevo es considerada la “Jerusalén de Europa”. Bosnia y Herzegovina es un país multiétnico y multirreligioso. La población es en su mayoría bosnia musulmana, serbia ortodoxa y croata católica, aunque también hay comunidades judías y otras minorías religiosas. Pero el doblamiento no es homogéneo, dependiendo en que ciudad estemos, el panorama puede cambiar mucho. Durante siglos, Bosnia y Herzegovina ha sido un lugar de encuentro de diferentes culturas y religiones. La religión ha sido una fuente de identidad y una parte importante de la vida cotidiana para muchas personas en el país. Sin embargo, después de la guerra en Bosnia y Herzegovina (1992-1995), la religión también se ha utilizado para dividir a la población y justificar la violencia étnica. Es por eso que ha habido desde entonces fuertes desplazamientos internos y, en el caso de Sarajevo, los serbios son los que se han marchado. En 1991, los bosnios musulmanes formaban el 45 % de la población, seguidos de los serbios ortodoxos con el 38 % y los croatas católicos con el 7 %. Actualmente, más del 80% de Sarajevo es musulmán Sarajevo está ubicada en una cuenca rodeada de montañas y es conocida por su rico patrimonio cultural e histórico. La ciudad tiene una mezcla de estilos arquitectónicos, incluyendo edificios otomanos, austrohúngaros y modernos. El casco antiguo, conocido como Baščaršija, es una de las principales atracciones turísticas de la ciudad, con sus calles estrechas llenas de tiendas y restaurantes que venden comida tradicional bosnia. Bosnia es un país bastante joven que se encuentra en pleno proceso de reconstrucción, por lo que Sarajevo como principal ciudad del país, tiene la ventaja de centralizar todos los esfuerzos en ese sentido.  Muchos expatriados están viviendo y trabajando en la ciudad, contratados por empresas e instituciones comprometidas con labores de reconstrucción y desarrollo. Vivir en esta ciudad resulta increíblemente barato, y esto lo notarás desde el mismo momento de tu instalación. En este renglón, los precios de los alquileres son 54% más económicos que en Madrid. Al cambio actual, un piso de un dormitorio en el centro de la ciudad te sale por menos de 250 euros mensuales. En el caso de los alimentos, aquí gastas en promedio 31% menos que en la capital española. La tendencia sigue en otros aspectos como el transporte, cuidado personal y entretenimiento. Pero lo interesante de la ciudad no es su economía, sino que logra transportarnos a otras latitudes que juzgamos más lejanas. Si bien Sarajevo es conocida por su diversidad étnica y religiosa, hoy la población está compuesta principalmente por bosnios musulmanes, algo que hemos podido comprobar caminando por sus calles. #DelOtroLadoDelMapa #ViajarEsHipervivir 🌎 Subtítulos en portugués, italiano, alemán, francés, ruso, polaco, árabe e inglés. 🔎 Soy Gustavo Llusá, argentino, después de viajar durante varios años por más de 60 países me establecí en Letonia donde me casé y aprendí a conocer otra forma de vida, del otro lado del mapa. #DelOtroLadoDelMapa 👇👇👇 COMENTA Y OPINA

Come visitare SARAJEVO: la città delle contraddizioni


Visitiamo la capitale bosniaca con un local che rende l'esperienza molto più autentica ed emozionante. Se vuoi avere informazioni o prenotare anche tu un FREE TOUR (visita guidata da un local senza prezzo fisso, ma con un'offerta libera a conclusione del giro) con BELLA BOSNIA TOUR contattali a info🤍 📝 Sul BLOG trovi i nostri consigli e informazioni di viaggio in Bosnia 🤍 🗺 Seguici anche sui social ⤵️ Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ 🤝 SUPPORTA IL CANALE! Fare video richiede molto tempo, impegno e attrezzatura costosa (come puoi vedere dalla lista sotto). Li pubblichiamo gratuitamente su YouTube per condividere informazioni di viaggio, consigli e intrattenere. Se ti piace quello che facciamo, se ti è utile per organizzare i tuoi viaggi e ti farebbe piacere supportare il nostro lavoro e/o ringraziarci OFFRENDOCI UN CAFFÈ lo puoi fare a questo link: 🤍 GRAZIE 🚐💙 ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ La nostra attrezzatura! VIDEO & FOTO 📷, cosa usiamo in VAN 🚐 e in Campeggio 🏕️ : 🤍 Grazie all' AFFILIAZIONE AMAZON puoi supportarci acquistando un prodotto dai link di affiliazione proposti sopra ⬆️ P.S. il prezzo per te non cambia, Amazon ci corrisponde una piccolissima percentuale per aver parlato e consigliato alcuni prodotti. ⚠️ Funzionerà solo se parti a navigare esclusivamente da questi link collegati al canale⚠️

Kratko putovanje u Sarajevo | A quick trip to Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Me and my husband went to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is the Sarajevo. We went to one of the embassies there to apply for my tourist visa. Unlucky for us every time I need a visa to travel to one of the countries in Europe we need to travel at least 3 hours just to apply for it. We only have a Croatian Consulate in our area and the rest of the embassies are located in Sarajevo. Husband has to take a day off to drive me there since it would be easy than me taking a bus. It was a quick embassy visit since this is my second time there. We went to eat some food, visit some friends and went home. We eat on the road going home for our lunch. #sarajevo #bosnia #visa #familyvlog #travelvlog #schengenvisa #filipino Filipina sa Bosnia Facebook Account: 🤍 Instagram Account: ingridinbosnia For any inquiry please email ingridinbosnia🤍

Expedice Sarajevo | KOVY


Jedeme do Bosny a Hercegoviny! S Člověkem v Tísni objevíme projekty, které tu podporují a hlavně poznáme město, kulturu a obyvatele. Pojeďte s námi! Cesta a ubytování nebylo financováno ze sbírek, ale z peněz projektu 1planet4all, který vede Člověk v tísni a financuje Evropská unie. Veškeré náklady kromě cesty a ubytování jsme si hradili sami. Projekty v Sarajevu podporuje Česká rozvojová agentura a Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí. ODEBÍREJTE OBA MÉ KANÁLY: ► Kovy: 🤍 - témata, cestování, vlogy ► Gameballcz: 🤍 - archiv, parodie, gaming SLEDUJTE TAKÉ: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► TikTok&Snapchat: kovy_gameballcz ► Twitter : 🤍 ► Facebook : 🤍 ODKAZY: Klub Přátel ČvT: 🤍 Skutečná pomoc: 🤍 Pomoc v ČR: 🤍 Česká rozvojová agentura: 🤍

The Place Where East Meets West || Sarajevo 4K || Bosna i Hercegovina


For decades, Sarajevo has been a place where all religions and nations live in harmony. A place where east meets west, a place where a mosque, a synagogue and a cathedral stand tall and proud next to each other. One thing is certain, you will return to Sarajevo once you visit it. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina will have a lot to offer you. The surrounding mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls are only part of what gives this beautiful city a special charm. If you are traveling to the Balkans, Sarajevo should be at the top of your list. Instagram: 🤍 Where I get my music:🤍 Song: CUSHY-Clips Song: CUSHY-Top of the Line #Sarajevo #bosniaandherzegovina #scenicnature #bosna #nature #naturephotography #visitbosnia #bestplacestovisit #castle #naturelovers #landscape #castlesofeurope #naturelover #landscapephotography

Bosnia - Sniper Attack In Sarajevo


(18 May 1995) T/I: 10:51:54 Sniper attacks in the besieged Bosnian capital Sarajevo killed two people and injured seven others in separate incidents on Thursday (18/5). One person was killed and another wounded by snipers in the centre of the city. SHOWS: SARAJEVO, BOSNIA, 18/5 cranes putting up barricades gun shot ringing out people running for cover head of team putting up barricades falling to ground same man lying on ground after being hit people dragging man to safety another man hopping clutching leg men carrying wounded man down alley way wounded man being put into car car driving off man wounded in leg being driven in tv crew car to hospital man with injured leg getting out of car at hospital UN armoured personnel carrier in street UN soldiers behind armoured personnel carrier taking cover vs people standing armoured personnel carriers in street c/u armoured personnel carrier w/s apc driving down street 2.39 Find out more about AP Archive: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ​​ Instagram: 🤍 You can license this story through AP Archive: 🤍



Sarajevo: evropski Jeruzalem. Business requirements: vauks77🤍 ► Follow Vauks: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍

BOSNIË EN HERZEGOVINA🇧🇦 | Stadstour door hoofdstad SARAJEVO


Mijn reis door Bosnië en Herzegovina gaat verder! Na een bezoek aan Banja Luka en Mostar gaat de reis verder naar de hoofdstad Sarajevo. Hier laat ik als Nederlandse toerist zien wat deze stad te bieden heeft. Dit is de laatste video uit Bosnië én de laatste video vanuit Europa! In de volgende video zie je welke bestemming ik als eerste bezoek in Azië. Graag tot dan! #reisvlog #wereldreis #reizen #balkan



Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS Sarajevo · Orrie Sarajevo ℗ 2023 Orrie music, distributed by ICDistributie Released on: 2023-05-26 Producer: Curved Music Publisher: Copyright Control Composer, Lyricist: Gazi Burda Auto-generated by YouTube.

Halid Beslic - Sarajevo grade moj - (Audio 1990)


Label and copyright: Diskoton Digital distribution: Music: lyrics: Arr:

The Most Powerful Version: Sabaton - Sarajevo (With Lyrics)


Music by: Sabaton Track: Sarajevo + Sarajevo (Symphonic Version) Album: The War To End All Wars + The Symphony To End All Wars Sabaton: Website: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Sabaton - Sarajevo Remix (with lyrics) Epic Music Mix (First Channel): 🤍 Melodic Music Extension (Second Channel): 🤍 Support my work on Patreon: 🤍 Thank You for Listening!



Ako planirate putovanje u Sarajevo, evo šta sve ne smijete propustiti posjetiti u glavnom gradu Bosne i Hercegovine. Za više ovakvih videa: ► PRETPLATI SE na moj kanal: 🤍 ► PRATI ME NA INSTAGRAMU: 🤍 Šta se nalazi u videu? Kako sam u posljednjih nekoliko godina prilično često u Sarajevu, te kako mi ovaj grad sa svakim novim dolaskom sve više priraste srcu, odlučio sam da snimam ovaj video o gradu, kako bih na barem ovaj mali način pokazao koliko mi se dopada. Uz to, vremenom sam upoznao i neke zaista divne ljude ovdje, a neke od njih ćete imati priliku vidjeti i u ovom videu o gradu. Iako bi se o Sarajevu moglo pričati satima, jer grad zaista ima toliko toga da ponudi, potrudio sam se da vam na jednom mjestu prikažem sve one stvari koje ovaj grad čine posebnim, kao i da prikažem lokalni način života u gradu. Uz to, potrudio sam se i da vam prikažem neke lokacije koje možda i nisu toliko poznate, a za koje vjerujem da će vam biti zanimljive. Veliko hvala kompaniji Balkan tranfer koja organizuje transfere do aerodroma, te sjajnom hotelu Ibis u kojem smo odsjeli tokom boravka u gradu, koji su pomogli snimanje ovog videa. Pišite mi vaše utiske o videu i kako vam se dopada? Da li smo zaboravili nešto i šta biste mi još preporučili da posjetim? A uskoro stiže i video o najboljim mjestima za jesti u gradu koji sam snimio sa lokalcima ovdje :) VAŽNO Zabranjeno je svako kopiranje i neovlašćeno preuzimanje video i/ili audio snimaka i postavljanje na druge kanale ili televizijske kuće! Nije dozvoljeno koristiti materijal sa ovog kanala bez njegovog licenciranja / plaćanja kako za komercijalnu, tako i za nekomercijalnu upotrebu. Svaka upotreba materijala iz ovog videa bez licenciranja za komercijalnu ili nekomercijalnu, tj. privatnu upotrebu biće procesuirana. Za sve informacije o pravima, za upite o licenciranju i dobijanju dozvole za korišćenje možete nas kontaktirati putem moje mail adrese



Songwriter: Lef Management: 🤍gaardedreefrecords op insta Produced by: VitalShadows for more beats Mix and Mastered by: Vital Music Shot and Edited by: Trendits videos Instagram: 🤍gaardedreef 🤍saintroyaleofficial horloges Ook op Spotify te beluisteren in 8 dagen! Deel, Like en Abbonneer. Love.



Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Sarajevo · The K's Sarajevo ℗ 2017 The K's Released on: 2017-07-28 Auto-generated by YouTube.

SARAJEVO - President Erdoğan's election success celebrated in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Citizens in the Western Balkan countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro are celebrating the success of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the second round of the Presidential Election. Turkish citizens and Bosnians gathered at the restaurant run by Turks in Ilıca neighbourhood in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and watched the election results on the screen set up here. Citizens forming a convoy with their vehicles decorated with Turkish flags and AK Party pennants came near the shopping centre named Sarajevo City Center by honking their horns. Citizens left flowers and prayed in the area set up for 25-year-old Azra Spahic, who lost her life as a result of being hit by a vehicle the previous day. From here, the group proceeded silently to the historical Bashi Bazaar and gathered in front of the fountain, which is the symbol of the city. Here, the crowd chanted slogans in favour of Erdoğan. After the speeches, the citizens took a tour and celebrated Erdoğan's success.



Provided to YouTube by Zebralution GmbH Sarajevo · Max Richter Memoryhouse ℗ 2002 Max Richter Released on: 2002-05-27 Composer: Max Richter Music Publisher: Concord Music Publishing LLC Auto-generated by YouTube.

Dnevnik u 19 / Sarajevo / 04.06.2023.


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Dnevnik u 19/ Sarajevo/ 03.06.2023.


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Elh Kmer - Sarajevo


Après le fameux clip "Sosa", Elh Kmer, ex membre du 40000 gang, revient en tant qu'artiste solo avec son premier clip intitulé "Sarajevo". Producteur: Ombre et Lumière Realisateur clip: Anthony Terror Compositeur: Baille Broliker L'actualité de Elh Kmer, sa musique et ses vêtements sont dispos sur le site du Label Ombre et Lumière : 🤍 Télechargez le titre : 🤍 Suivez Elh Kmer : Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Contact/Shop/Booking : contact🤍

SARAJEVO - A fascinante capital da Bósnia e Herzegovina


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MUJERES de SARAJEVO, BOSNIAS trabajadoras, fuertes y resistentes


Estamos en Sarajevo, la capital de Bosnia y Herzegovina, un país multiétnico y multirreligioso, con diferentes orígenes, culturas y creencias. El ser un país de Europa, pero no de la Unión Europea, sitúa. A Bosnia y Herzegovina en una posición diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados a recorrer. Aquí no abundan las muestras de reivindicaciones de género, las mujeres pueden fumar dentro de los espacios cerrados y la familia tradicional no está en discusión. Además, Bosnia y Herzegovina ha pasado por momentos difíciles, como la guerra de los años 90, que ha dejado cicatrices profundas en la sociedad y ha afectado a las mujeres en particular. Al recorrer las calles de Sarajevo, la capital, una muestra heterogénea de fisonomías pululan a nuestro alrededor. Sarajevo es la capital de Bosnia y Herzegovina y es una ciudad más grande y cosmopolita que Banja Luka, la segunda ciudad del país. Sarajevo tiene una población más diversa y ha estado más expuesto a influencias culturales de otros países debido a su historia y ubicación geográfica. Se cuenta que las mujeres de Bosnia son trabajadoras, fuertes y resistentes. Han tenido que enfrentar muchos desafíos y barreras culturales y políticas, y han trabajado duro para superarlos y lograr su bienestar. Físicamente se muestran sin un perfil determinado, la mixtura de orígenes ha determinado la heterogeneidad de la belleza bosnia. Lo cierto es que en los últimos años Sarajevo se ha hecho más musulmana y por ello las mujeres de la ciudad tienen ese perfil característico. Banja Luka, por otro lado, es una ciudad más pequeña y tradicional, con una población eslava más homogénea, esto lo veremos en próximos videos. Viajar es hipervivir y seguiremos recorriendo este lado del mapa para compartirlo con ustedes. #DelOtroLadoDelMapa #ViajarEsHipervivir 🌎 Subtítulos en portugués, italiano, alemán, francés, ruso, polaco, árabe e inglés. 🔎 Soy Gustavo Llusá, argentino, después de viajar durante varios años por más de 60 países me establecí en Letonia donde me casé y aprendí a conocer otra forma de vida, del otro lado del mapa. #DelOtroLadoDelMapa 👇👇👇 COMENTA Y OPINA

" Sarajevo " Oriental Dancehall Reggaeton Beat Balkan Instrumental | BuJaa BEATS


✔️ Did you subscribe to 𝗕𝗨𝗝𝗔𝗔 𝗕𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗦'𝘀 Official channel? 👇🏼 ► 🤍 👉🏼 Turn on the 🔔 to be notified for all the new beats ~ ✔️ Did you subscribe to 𝗕𝗨𝗝𝗔𝗔 𝗕𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗦'𝘀 Official channel? 👇🏼 ► 🤍 👉🏼 Turn on the 🔔 to be notified for all the new beats 💰 Download | Purchase Link (untagged) 🤍 You are listening to the beautifull music called " SARAJEVO " an Oriental Dancehall reggaeton beat balkan instrumental produced by BuJaa BEATS ●🌎 Website: 🤍 ●📧 Email: info🤍 ● Instagram: 🤍 ● Facebook: 🤍 BuJaa Beats PRO Drum Kit (over 600 unique sounds) : 🤍 BuJaa Beats SIX Pack Drum Kit (over 1500 unique sounds): 🤍 Copyright © 2021 BuJaa BEATS. All rights reserved. Important: Note . FREE DOWNLOADS ARE FOR AUTIONING PURPOSES ONLY , PURCHASE A LEASE TO USE THIS INSTRUMENTAL COMMERCIALLY . ©This beat is produced by BuJaa BEATS Publishing and Licensing by BuJaa BEATS All Beats are available for licensing at 🤍 " DILARA " | Dancehall Oriental beat | Reggaeton Turkish Oriental Balkan instrumental | BuJaa BEATS balkan hip hop beat, balkan instrumental, balkan oriental, bujaa beats, bujaa beats haram, bujaa beats istanbul, bujaa beats leyla, bujaa beats trap oriental, hip hop instrumental, hip hop instrumentals, oriental balkan beat, trap balkan oriental, german french oriental bujaa beats, ummi bujaa beats, mere bujaa beats, Oriental Dancehall Reggaeton Beat Balkan Instrumental | BuJaa BEATS balkan instrumental, oriental balkan beat, balkan oriental, balkan type beat, trap oriental beat, bujaa beats istanbul, trap balkan oriental, oriental reggaeton type beat, oriental reggaeton, trap oriental instrumental, oriental trap beats 2022, oriental trap beat, balkan beat, trap oriental type beat, bujaa beats instrumental, trap oriental, trap oriental hip hop beat, oriental dancehall, balkan hip hop beat, oriental hip hop beat, trap oriental beat instrumental, trap oriental beat 2021, bujaa beats trap oriental, dancehall oriental, oriental reggaeton beat, turkish balkan beat, balkan oriental reggaeton beat, reggaeton oriental, turkish reggaeton beat, bujaa beats haram, summer dancehall type beat, oriental trap type beat free, bujaa beats leyla, instrumental reggaeton oriental, type beat, type beat 2021, afrobeats 2021, freestyle trap beat, reggaeton type beat, afrobeat, wizkid type beat, bujaa beats melek, dancehall oriental type beat, reggaeton oriental type beat, dancehall oriental beat, instru dancehall oriental, reggaeton oriental beat, oriental trap beat 2021, ummi bujaa, oriental hip hop instrumental music, free insane type beat 2021, dancehall type beat, afrobeat instrumental, afro beats, hard type beat, trap type beat, afrobeat type beat 2021, type beats, trap beat, free beat, afro beat, afro trap type beat, dancehall beats 2021, reggaeton type beat 2021, club banger type beat, afro beat 2021, dancehall beat 2021, sick afro reggaeton oriental, bomba, free type beat 2021, , balkan dancehall type beat, reggaeton dancehall type beat, reggaeton dancehall instrumental, reggaeton type beat 2020, afro reggaeton type beat, type beat 2020, reggaeton instrumental, instru reggaeton, instru dancehall, instrumental reggaeton, dancehall reggaeton type beat, miami beat, instru dancehall 2021, afrobeats type, instru afro, freestyle beat, fruity, hip hop, hip hop instrumental, hip hop instrumentals, hip-hop, instrumental, instrumentals, oriental hip hop, german rap, rap beats 2021, vlora oriental reggaeton, reggaetón oriental, bujaa beats maniac, hip hop oriental instrumental, oriental with hook, bujaa beats with hook, beat with arabic vocal, oriental balkan beats with hook, bujaa beats rapstar, deutschrap type beat, deutschrap type beat 2021, german rap type beat, german rap beat, deustch trap beat 2021, deutschrap beat 2021, capital bra type beat, capital bra loredana, capital bra samra type beat 2021, german rap type beat 2021, parra bujaa beats, trap beat 2021, capital bra type beat 2021, bujaa beats capital bra, azet type beat 2020, capital bra bujaa beats loredana, trap oriental balkan hip hop, bujaabeats, wizkid, wizkid type beat 2020, wizkid type beats, wizkid type instrumental, afrobeat type beat, afrobeat type beat 2020, afrobeats type beat, afrobeat type instrumental, wizkid x afrobeat type beat, istanbul, zaza bujaa beats, oriental arabic rap beat hip hop instrumentals, dancehall instrumental 2021, love dancehall instrumental, balkan oriental beat, oriental dancehall instrumental,

Jaromír Nohavica - Sarajevo text


Dino Merlin - Jel' Sarajevo gdje je nekad bilo (Beograd 2011)


OUT NOW 'Jedan dan, jedna noć' 🤍 SHOW 'Mir svim dobrim ljudima' 🤍 SHOP Dino Merlin Merchandise ► 🤍 NEW Dino Merlin Viber Community ► 🤍 Apple Music ► 🤍 Deezer ► 🤍 Spotify ► 🤍 Režija: Aleksa Maksimović Mix i mastering: Mahir Sarihodžić, Long Play Studio Tekst: Katkad u noći čujem ti korake Nekad mi liče na stope stare majke Lišće žuti, a ja šutim Moja nisi srce sluti Sve što je srcu drago daleko je Zaljubljene samo Bog razumije Lišće žuti, a ja šutim Moja nisi srce sluti Je l' Sarajevo gdje je nekad bilo Il' se mome srcu učinilo Je l' se šta promijenilo Je l' Miljacka voda presušila Je l' mi stara mati ozdravila Je l' me draga ostavila Sve što je srcu drago daleko je Zaljubljene samo Bog razumije Lišće žuti, a ja šutim Moja nisi srce sluti Je l' Sarajevo gdje je nekad bilo Il' se mome srcu učinilo Je l' se šta promijenilo Je l' Miljacka voda presušila Je l' mi stara mati ozdravila Je l' me draga ostavila...




Sarajevo 2023 | 4k


Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Walk through Sarajevo | Baščaršija #sarajevo #sarajevobosnia #bih #bosnia #bosniaandherzegovina #bascarsija #walkingcities4k #4kultrahd

3 Tempat Rare di Sarajevo


Fuh kalau dapat minum kopi sambil tengok pemandangan macam ni, asyik! 🤍 #mehmetizudingul #gayahidup

'Sarajevo Safari’ reveals 'manhunting' tourism in Bosnian War


A new documentary, ‘Sarajevo Safari,’ shows how “manhunting" tours occurred during the Bosnian War. #sarajevosafari #manhunting #documentary

Jaromír Nohavica - 21 Sarajevo


Jaromír Nohavica or Jarek Nohavica (born 7 June 1953, Ostrava) is a Czech songwriter, lyricist, and poet. More info on 🤍 or 🤍 Lyrics ENGLISH: Across Galicia's fields the wind is cruel and grave The last of what we had all the waters took away Like swallows heading south, like a widows veil We fly above the Earth - two letters in the mail The fire is still burning, the wood kindles slow But now its time to go to bed Sarajevo lies in that valley below That is where tomorrow we shall wed In a simple church we'll bind before a priest A wreath of tamarisk he'll then throw in a creek And in the open sea the creek will end its flow With heaven up above we'll be living down below The fire is still burning, the wood kindles slow But now its time to go to bed Sarajevo lies in that valley below That is where tomorrow we shall wed I'll build for you a house made of solid stone And beams of sturdy oak it will be our only home So everyone will know that I loved to the end I'll build strong and firm, forever it will stand POLISH: Po błoniach Galicji hula zimny wiatr wszystko co mieliśmy nam zabrał podły świat jak przelotne ptaki gdy zmieniają ląd jak bezdomne listy odfruniemy stąd Jeszcze płonie ogień i szumi drzewo a przed nami noc i sen za najbliższym wzgórzem jest Sarajewo tam jutro miła pobierzemy się Ksiądz na wieki zwiąże nam przeguby rąk wieniec tamaryszku porwie rzeki prąd i odpłynie z wodą w morzu znajdzie cel my tam w dole a nad nami nieba biel Jeszcze płonie ogień i szumi drzewo ... Wybuduję ci z kamieni biały dom dach z dębowych belek będzie wieńczył go tam miłosny azyl znajdzie dwoje ciał my miniemy a on wiecznie będzie stał Jeszcze płonie ogień i szumi drzewo... MAGYAR: A halici síkon port kavar a szél, mindenünk mink volt, a vizek elvitték. akár minden évben a vándormadarak, kék levéllel visznek a messzi távolba. Még mindig ég a tűz és pattog a fa, de itt az idő az alvásra már. A dombokon túl vár Szarajevó holnap ott majd össze ad a pap. A templomban majd ő összead minket, és virágkoszorút a vízre letesznek. a víz visszafolyik majd a tengerbe, mi maradunk itt csak és az ég kékje. Még mindig ég a tűz és pattog a fa, de itt az idő az alvásra már. A dombokon túl vár Szarajevó holnap ott majd össze ad a pap. Építek egy házat fehér kövekből, tölgyfagerendákból lesz majd a tető. mindenki tudja meg,hogy hogyan szeretlek, erősen fog állni,örökké itt lesz. Még mindig ég a tűz és pattog a fa, de itt az idő az alvásra már. A dombokon túl vár Szarajevó holnap ott majd össze ad a pap.



Tahu tak, Sarajevo adalah kota yang dibangunkan oleh kerajaan Islam Turki Uthmanniyyah. Assalamualaikum, gang. Sorry lama tak upload. Asek tengok short film je kan. Kali ni tak pe, kita layan VLOG aku pergi Sarajevo, Bosnia. Cantik guys kat sana. Korang layan je la. Mana tahu korang ada terpergi ke suatu hari nanti. Mana yang dah pergi, boleh la share pengalaman. Jangan lupa subscribe ASA Production untuk video lagi mantul! IG : 🤍teambuathal88 FB : Team Buat Hal Hp : +601162129772 (Kamal) #teambuathal #syafiqahmad #asaproduction #tbh #tbharmy

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve / Sarajevo (Timeless Version) (Official Music Video) [HD]


Official music video remastered in HD for Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Christmas Eve / Sarajevo" from 'Christmas Eve and Other Stories' (1996) Subscribe to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra channel 🤍 Celebrate this holiday season in style with all your favorite Christmas tunes like timeless classics by Donny Hathaway, Otis Redding, and the Drifters and new holiday favorites by Michael Bublé, Sia, Coldplay and more! Listen here 🤍 🎄 🎅 🎁 Watch all of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s official videos here: 🤍 Listen to all of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s greatest hits here: 🤍 Stay In Touch with Trans-Siberian Orchestra… 🎶 Website 🤍 🌎 Tour Dates 🤍 🎸 Facebook 🤍 🎹 Instagram 🤍 🎻 Soundcloud 🤍 🥁 Twitter 🤍 * Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Here you’ll find official music videos and official audio videos for holiday hits such as “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24”, “Christmas Canon”, “Wizards In Winter”, “A Mad Russian’s Christmas”, as well as The Christmas Trilogy: ‘Christmas Eve and Other Stories’, ‘The Christmas Attic’, and ‘The Lost Christmas Eve’. Subscribe now to stay current with TSO announcements and tour dates, and while you’re here, check out our official music videos, full album videos, playlists, live performances, and more. About TSO: Paul O'Neill founded Trans-Siberian Orchestra with the vision "to create a progressive rock band that would push boundaries further than any group before." With more than 10 million albums sold and having played live to over 15 million people, TSO has inspired generations of fans to rediscover the multi-dimensional art form of the rock opera and has become one of the world's top touring acts in the process. Find a show near you below and come experience TSO LIVE.

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